Peep Inside: The Legend of ‘The Nine’ – Excerpts

This book is the true story of my life, as well as the true story of The Nine. It details many of the bizarre encounters I have had in this lifetime. These encounters are ongoing and have been with several different groups of Beings who come to Earth in spacecraft. They have been varied in intent; however, the majority of the book is about the most meaningful and purposeful encounters I have had with a group of Omniscient human Light Beings I refer to as The Nine. They are as human as we are, yet these Beings possess a God-like power that is beyond belief. These Enlightened Beings work hand in hand with Ascended Masters who have also been guiding me throughout my life. Their goal is to bring enlightening messages to Earth through me as Their spokesperson. The Nine leave nothing to the imagination, including the fact that They truly are Messengers from God and coauthors of this book.

Their enlightening messages are meant to bring us information about our future, as well as to rid the false reality that most of us live in.

This book also tells of additional fascinating and inspiring spiritual events that I have experienced in this lifetime. These experiences were very meaningful for me and teach the same lessons to all of us. They include my near-death experience,spiritual healings, magical manifestations out of thin air, restructuring of my physical body, gaining an enhanced soul, learning of and living parallel and simultaneous lives, X-ray vision, and visits with friends and family after their deaths, both here and on the other side.

These experiences, when viewed together, have created an inspiring and positive story that plays out much like the movie Field of Dreams times ten because it also had endless, seemingly coincidental events that were far too numerous to be coincidental. As it turned out in the film and in my life, these coincidences were nothing more than fate.

The plot thickens when I recount how the God-like Beings orchestrated a meeting for me with Doctor Mack. Through my work with Doctor Mack, I uncovered shocking revelations that will be very intriguing and illuminating for the people of Earth.

Here’s hoping you will read this book with an open mind and take from it the information that rings true to you. I also hope that you have as many Aha! moments as I have had and that you gain a new view of reality that makes a lot more sense than the one you previously had. Most importantly, I hope this book brings faith back to those who have lost even a small portion of it, as that is the Enlightened Beings’ and my intended purpose for it. This book is only a small part of my destined mission; however, it is a very important one.

Chapter 8

‘In regression with Dr. John E. Mack’

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that these were my People because of my feeling of connection with Them. I wasn’t fully separated from the knowledge of where I had come from or who They were at that point. I was still partially living in my spirit body.

I also instinctively knew that these Beings were going to leave Earth and leave me here. This awareness during my birth caused me to panic about the situation, and I was still having trouble breathing.
These Beings were able to do something to my heart or lungs, it was like imparting energy, and then I started breathing. I knew at that point that They had saved my life. The worst part was knowing that I couldn’t do a thing to stop Them from leaving without me. I became more frightened at the prospect of being in this new place with total strangers. It was traumatic for me, and I felt helpless.

As I was reliving all of this, I was also aware that John was trying to talk to me. He asked questions, but I was stuck reliving my birth and wasn’t really paying much attention to him. I wanted to see what was going to happen to me next. At that point, I was very emotional. John kept asking me what was going on, but I couldn’t speak. ……

Chapter 10

‘The largest objects I have ever seen on Earth.’

I immediately looked out over the ocean and into the clear, starlit sky. I saw a large number of what appeared to be lights at a great distance. These individual lights seemed circular in shape. They were arranged in a huge circle formation that was rotating in a counterclockwise direction. I was puzzled by that motion; my mind expected them to rotate in a clockwise direction. I was also puzzled as to why lights of that size would be that far from shore, as they were larger than what you would be seeing at that distance if they were actually lights on a bridge or road. I also sensed that I was not looking in the direction of a road, bridge or a city. This made it more obvious that these lights were not normally located there.

It was also obvious that these lights were not stars; they were too large. They were also moving in unison and held their circle formation while rotating. A powerful, loving and balanced spiritual energy started to build around me as I stood there on the beach. I was totally mesmerized by what was going on and especially mesmerized with this heavenly energy.

All of a sudden, I felt a high frequency, male, God-like presence with me on the beach. By that time, I had realized that I was watching a group of individual spacecraft out over the ocean. It was obvious that these lights were individual ships and in no way attached to each other. I have to guess but there must have been several dozen of these spacecraft in the circle; it was an unbelievably huge formation. If I hadn’t seen this for myself, I would never have believed that there could be that many spacecraft here on Earth at one time and presenting themselves all at once.

As the intensity of the spiritual energy continued to increase around me, I instinctively …..
……End of excerpts

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